December 27, 2020
identify any pertinent history or medical information
December 27, 2020


Please answer the following in complete sentences and paragraphs. Each question is worth 20 points and should be two to three well-written paragraphs in length and guided by APA format.

1. Summarize your concept of “risk” as supported by your readings.

2. Discuss and clearly explain the supporting steps to a risk assessment.

3. Explain the distinction between “objective” and “subjective risk”.

4. Identify and discuss in detail the three categories of disaster reduction strategy. Provide clear examples within each category.

5. Discuss the role of disaster aid in disaster mitigation and provide a full summary of those participative potential players that could be involved within a typical humanitarian emergency or disastrous event.

Please No Plagiarism cite in APA style also intext citations

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