February 23, 2021
I need help with an art history essay
February 23, 2021

due tomorrow by 9:30

10 page analysis essay in MLA format. A strong thesis must be written. the analysis should rely heavily on the use of quotes from the play throughout to prove your is important to note that you are not to retell the plot of the play. The purpose is to dig deep and analyze the play.



questions to view: why is each scene there?

what is the purpose?

where is the dramatic action?


Be detailed and use as many examples from the play as possible .


A complete paper should address 

1. the spine of the play: what is the main action of the play and what methods does the play writer employ to get this message accross?

the themes that drive the play?

what do the characters say about themselves?

what do other characters say about the character?

how does the playwrite use stage directions to share information with reader?

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