Exclusionary Rule
January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023

Draft Employment Contract

HawkNet Sky Security Employment Contract that addresses in its terms and provisions all of the below concerns/issues.Cite in footnotes the sources you are referring to as the research source/ authority for the contents of your paper._________________________________You have a Tampa Bay area growing sole proprietorship doing business as (DBA) HawkNet Sky Security. On a small scale you are buying Drones and modifying their embedded IT mother board and source code applications to perform custom 24/7 security airborne surveillance platform that would cover gated communities, industrial warehouse parks, school grounds, sports complexes, and shopping centers’ parking lots, just to name a few uses of your modified airborne security product. You have a patent pending on your modified Drone IT application source code and app.The reputation has gotten out that you have a great new security product, that will be cost effect and will augment or eliminate the expensive roving manned vehicle security guard services being provided by your potential competitors. The orders are coming in for your new product and you can no longer do this alone in your parents’ garage. You have gotten a bank loan to expand your business and you are acquiring a warehouse, significant stock of drones and IT supplies, and now need to start hiring at least 20 to 30 tech employees to refurbish, modify and package your customized Drones. You are concerned with the following issues in hiring new employees in to your business.• What will be the terms, benefits, salaries or wages, insurance coverages, annual, sick andmaternity leave, and retirement plans that will be included in the employment agreement toattract and retain good employees.• How can I keep employees from telling others about my proprietary information and tradesecrets that they will have access to in modifying the drones?• How can I keep my employees from starting their own drone surveillance business or workingfor a competitor?•  How do I reduce my liability exposure for the actions of my employees who might engage inworkplace harassment and discrimination practices?• Since the services I provide are security and protection of persons and property, should I requiredrug and alcohol testing of the employees?• What policies will I include in the employment agreement regarding the Company’s positionregarding Sex (Gender), Sexual Orientation, Nationality, Race, or Religious Discrimination,Veteran’s Preferences, and policy on accommodations under the Americans with Disability Act.Any free online business or commerce private entity/organization source, except Wikipedia, can be used to research the topics or issueshttps://www.sba.gov/business-guide

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