January 14, 2021
how likely is it that her children will have the disease?
January 14, 2021


I chose Pennyslvinia

The Importance of Laws, Regulations, and Safety in Child Care Facilities

In this week’s reading, you should have reviewed your state regulations at the following website:

Child Care Aware of America (2014). State by state resources for families. Retrieved fromhttp://childcareaware.org/node/1405

If you are unable to locate your state’s information then complete an internet search by typing the name of your state name followed by the words “child care licensing.”

Using the information you found there, please include the following in your discussion:

Part 1: Share the name of the state you researched followed by how your state rules and regulations will affect early childhood professionals within the field. You will want to paraphrase this information using an in-text citation within the body of your post to credit the author of your state’s website. Please write your answer in a paragraph format.

Child Care Aware of America (2014). Program Planning. Retrieved fromhttp://childcareaware.org/child-care-providers/program-planning

Part 2: In your own words, describe at least one requirement listed from your state that are necessary to provide safe, healthy, high-quality care for young children. As part of your description, please share how you can plan for and implement at least one requirement in a child care facility. The program planning guide has some key resources to help you in this discussion.

At the end of your post. Please cite your references. Directions on how to site a state website:

Name of Department or organization. (Copyright date). Title of page. Retrieved from url address.

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