January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021


2. White-collar crimes occur as a result of organizational cultures that do not effectively control organizational behavior.

This statement is true given the fact that when an organization reduces the amount of influence they are having on their business, the result is that employees and other upper level managers are going to begin to cut corners and cheat the system. And while this may seem as though we are accusing everyone to guilty until proven innocent, the main idea can be pulled from the following quote, ” such toxic organizational cultures occur when unethical activities are overlooked or even encouraged” ( Ferrell 2016). This happens more often than not in oragnizations big and small, management needs to set the standard from the beginning, and if this doesn’t happen, the results can be less than stellar.

I need you to reply to this discussion. what do you agree with and why.

Here’s an example:

I enjoyed reading what you had to say and i agree with you. Often times, CEO’sand management have personalities that may seem selfish, evil, and manipulative which can sometimes be seen as a psychological disorder. While i agree with you, I can understand to a certain extent of why they seem to act that way. CEOs are put under a lot of pressure and expected to preform well. If they do not, many employees jobs are on the line and the company could ultimately fail. As you said towards the end, employees will follow management and the companies culture will become an unethical work place. White-collar crimes is defiantly associated with psychological disorders and can effect everyone around them/in the company.

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