how do the principles of liability influence the health information manager’s role in protecting health information?
January 21, 2023
CRJ 301
January 21, 2023

Discussion Questions

Please respond to following the question in 100-250 words. Please support ALL posts with outside sources.Explain the difference between ethics, values and/or morals, if any. How does religion come into play? Does it always? Can we have ethics without religion? If so, how?How can you teach your staff as a future/current leader ethics and values? What if they are not innate in the individual? Is it hopeless? Can it be taught? I used to have a boss that would tell me that I had a quality that could not be taught.What are some ways that professional decision-making is different from personal decision-making? What helps you to make a professional decision?What do you do as an employee when you find that the ethical values perpetrated by an institution are not aligned with your own? How might you all handle this? Do you stick with it? Do you fight it and bring it to the top? Do you resign and not participate in their processes? Support with a reference.How would you sort through a conflict created when the four ethical principles each focus on a different and conflicting action?

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