Select a nursing theory on Katharine Kolcaba theory of comfort
May 9, 2022
NRS 451-VN-0501 Nursing Leadership
May 9, 2022

Discussion Prompt

Find an example of a fallacy used in popular advertising or any persuasive text. Upload the image/words or provide a link.
Identify the fallacy and why you think that this particular type of advertisement represents the fallacy that you have chosen.
requires you to understand the differences between the types of fallacies. Some people struggle to make these distinctions. Your examples should be examples that are original to you. Please be creative and find unique examples.Medical example are always a bonus that will help you see the application of what we are learning and how it could apply in your future field of employment.

This section of our course often reminds me of political debates and distraction techniques used by politicians. We are definitely seeing plenty of these out there right now. However, they are not the only advertisement that tries to avert our attention or target others through fallacy. The next time you witness one of these events, hopefully, you will be able to recognize the type of fallacy and how it is being used to persuade the audience
Need to know the differences in a fallacies in the world advertised today in the U.S. Article link or Advertisement Picture

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