Developmental Assessment: School-Aged Child
May 6, 2022
Thermal Energy Exposure Injuries: Burden of Injury in South Asia 1
May 6, 2022

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An issue in my organization in addressing a solution to evidence based practice is time constraints. he hospital I am employed at has been having problems with nurse retention. There is a high turn over of nurses. This makes it difficult to look into evidence based practice  that are continuing to be introduced within the organization. Lack of enough staff leads high nurse-patient ratio the work load does not allow nurse the time to access the research available. Heavy work loads leads to fatigue, frustration and even resistance to changes. By the end of a long work day the nurses just want to go home relax and prepare to return the next day and start all over again.

The first step in addressing nurse shortage is hiring and offering competitive compensation packages that will help retain staff. Once this is achieved the organization will increase employee satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

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