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Develop an application that allows the input, updating, and deletion of customers, homes, salespersons, and sales from your Reston Real Estate (RRE) Oracle database FA14-CMIS440-485 that you have been using since Project #2.

In the final project of the course, you will select a programming language and technology (PHP, ASP.NET (using VB.NET or C#), or Java), and based on a set of business requirements, design, build, and test a Web database application. The design must include consideration of security best practices, including validating all input and reducing the possibility of SQL injection. A well-organized Word document should accompany the source code that justifies the technology decisions and which discusses adherence to security best practices, weaknesses, and future enhancements.

 Your grade will be determined based on the Rubric

Specific Project Requirements:

       1.Develop an application that allows the input, updating, and deletion of customers, homes, salespersons, and sales from your Reston Real Estate (RRE) Oracle database FA14-CMIS440-485 that you have been using since Project #2. 

  1. Develop a scenario that adds 3 (three) homes, 3 (three) customers, 1 (one) salesperson (i.e. agent), and 3 (three) sales.  Each new customer must be involved in a separate sale for one of the new homes.  The new salesperson is involved in all three sales.  In other words, create a way to enter all this data and then actually do it, taking screen snapshots of each step.
  1. After the initial data above are input, change one customer’s last name, another customer’s address, the salesperson’s phone number, and the sale amount of one of the homes. Take screen snapshots to prove that this worked.
  1. Provide an option to allow the user to display the total number of homes sold in your database (the new ones and any previous ones), the total sales amount (new and existing), and the average sales amount per home (new and existing). Take screen snapshots to prove that this worked.
  1. Finally, delete all 3 (three) of the new customers, homes, sales, and the new salesperson. Take screen snapshots to prove that this worked.

Deliverables (all items must be submitted to the LEO Authentic Assessment Assignment link; only files submitted to the Assignment link will be considered for grading):

  1. Word document with screenshots demonstrating the functionality of the application
  2. Submit entire Project ASP/Java/PHP as one zip file: entire zip file containing all the folders and files required to open your project within Visual Studio/Netbeans/PHP files.
  3. Provide detailed instructions on how to set up and run your project on VM 
  4. Your project should work on VM: provide detailed instrucitons how it is configured on VM and how I can run on your VM Account.
  5. Provide Test Plan for testing your interface and application.
  6. Provide the version of the software used.
  7. Your project should be successfully run by the instructor.  
  8.  A well-written document formatted as a single Microsoft Word file describing:
  • The technology and language you used for your application,
  • How you attempted to mitigate security threats, including SQL injection,
  • How to set up your application
  • The test data and results you used for your scenario,
  • Your approach, lessons learned, design strengths, limitations and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches, the most challenging aspects of developing this application, and
  • Your impression of how your chosen technology compares to the other two for developing this sort of application

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