December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020


A machine shop produces many parts but their biggest seller is the Deluxe Jig. Marketing only accepts orders in multiples of 50. Past demand data is: Order Amount Number of Orders 50 33 100 46 150 84 200 74 250 32 The Deluxe Jig goes through a four step process with the following yields: Cutting µ = 96.6% σ = 1.00% Grinding µ = 93.4% σ = 2.50% Lathe µ = 98.9% σ = 3.00% Polish µ = 98.4% σ = 1.00% Note: The yield cannot exceed 100% The production lot size is 15% more than the order size Design a simulation to determine what percent of the orders satisfy the order amount (10 points) Provide data analysis to verify that you tested the model validity (5 points)

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