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May 9, 2022
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May 9, 2022

Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is “a process for addressing disparities, based on race, ethnicity, and culture” (Isaacs et al., 2005, p. 5). Nurses must be culturally competent to provide effective and therapeutic care for patients.  It is part of a holistic treatment process.

  • How does culture shape an individual’s view of mental health?
  • Discuss why culture competence is important to nursing.
  • What steps can a nurse take to be culturally competent?

Isaacs, M.R., Nahme-Huang, L., Hernandez, M., & Echo-Hawk, H. (2005).

The road to evidence:  The intersection of evidence-based practices and

cultural competence in children’s mental health. National Alliance of

     Multi-Ethnic Behavioral Health Associations. Retrieved from

USE APA FORMAT>>>SCHOLARLY ARTICLE>>>>AND a reference page>>>must be written grammar errors if possible

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