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July 30, 2023
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Prokaryotes are known to couple the reduction of CO2 by H2 to the formation of either

methane or acetate to provide the energy for growth under conditions normally present of earth, such

as 0.1 atm of both gases. Is it theoretically possible to couple the reduction of CO2 by H2 to growth while

forming other organic compounds containing 2 or more carbons under similar conditions?

If you decide that it is not possible, explain or prove why not.

If you decide that it is possible, construct a hypothetic pathway that would form at least one of the

possible compounds. Use enzyme systems already known as much as possible. If novel enzyme systems

must be created, briefly describe an approach that might be used to make this enzyme system.

This question is intended to require extensive thermodynamic calculations. Make reasonable

assumptions as necessary and show all steps for the calculations. Please include the units in your

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