December 22, 2020
December 22, 2020


2 October 2017

ASCM628 9040 2178

Paper #1; Due 15 October 2017


You have been assigned to an Acquisition Planning Team (APT) for the US Government. The APT has developed an IGCE that will form the basis of the budget contemplated in a solicitation to eventually contract the Multi-functional Hyperwidget Package (MHP) that includes hardware, software, and non-developmental support. The resultant Contract will be a multi-year requirement within a notional budget in the range of $10M, but not to exceed $15M.

Under this scenario you must provide documentation to support the basic cost/price elements estimates that are included in the IGCE below. The documentation should indicate rationale for how each of these elements are typically derived in the estimation process. This information will be helpful for the Contracting Officer to verify the reliability of IGCE, and how it was prepared. Further, the information will be used in the approval process, and to provide insight into the contract type and future negotiations.

Keep your thoughts organized by placing a space between paragraphs, and use HEADINGS to match the requirements. Your exposition should reflect considerable thought and go beyond restating large literature passages. A minimum of four peer reviewed sources are required, with attribution, in accordance with APA guidelines.

Your total response scope should be no more than the equivalent of 4, and no less than 3, typed, double-spaced pages of content, not including the title, reference, extraneous tables or lists, and exhibits. Abstracts are not required, and should not be included. This paper is worth 25 points and is due on October 15, 2017. You are required to observe and pay strict attention to the Academic Integrity Policies and Guidelines in your writing.

The information in the scenario is all that you need for this assignment. However, you are permitted to make clearly stated assumptions to support additional information that you need for your Paper.

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