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December 20, 2020
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December 22, 2020

Conclusion to the report

Conclusion to the reportThis article will become a real assistant for you when writing a conclusion to a report on any subject. It is fair to say that well-written conclusion to the report are the key to its successful defense. No matter how relevant and useful the information you are reporting is, without clearly structured conclusions, this is just a story.

So, before you start writing your report, you have formulated the goals that you want to achieve. Thus, the conclusion to the report is the answers to the questions (goals) of the work.

Remember that usually conclusions are no more than 10-20% of the total workload. That is, in your case, the output to the report can take a maximum of 2 pages. Remember, the main thing in the conclusions to the report is brevity, brevity, consistency and consistency.

Where to start writing the conclusion to the report?

To begin with, you can voice the urgency of the problem, slightly paraphrasing it. Next, we go directly to the conclusions.

So, in the main part, you covered the problem in detail. In the conclusions, everything should concentrate, as little “water” as possible. It is worth noting that if you submit a report in writing, without oral defense, then most likely the teacher will study the conclusions. They can be used to assess the level of mastery of the material by the student, the independence of writing and involvement in problems.

Do not neglect introductory constructions, on the contrary, use them everywhere. Some of these are:

  • The study concluded that …
  • I found out that …
  • After analyzing the opinions of such and such authors on this issue, such and such conclusions were made …
  • The significance of this study lies in….
  • Summing up, we note that …

There is no need to give answers to secondary questions. Only the most pressing problems need to be disclosed. If possible, propose ways to solve them, describe development prospects. Do you think this is difficult?Conclusion to the report

Let’s look at a specific example of a conclusion to the report.

So, in the report on ecology it is not worth writing that waste water is polluted. The schoolboy knows this too. It is necessary to specify:

  • What exactly is the polluted water and in what area;
  • What to do to improve this situation;
  • What measures to improve the situation can lead to in the future.

What you should definitely not do is copy material from the main body. Even if it is necessary to do it, in your opinion, the text should be reworked (do a deep rewriting).

Thus, when writing a conclusion to the report, you must be guided by one simple rule: “less water – more specifics.” Only in this case your report will be assessed with the highest score.


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