APRN Practice Rules Assignment
November 25, 2022
Elder Abuse
November 25, 2022

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Provision: Nursing Work Force states, “Federal support for the Nursing Workforce Development Programs contained in Title VIII of the Public HealthService Act (PHSA) is essential. These programs recruit new nurses into the profession, promote career advancement within nursing, and improve patient care delivery. These programs are also used to direct RNs into areas with the greatest need.” I work in a federal corectional facility, but I also work with PHS officers. Therefore this provision regulates and adds more commissioned officers to my place of work. For me, as someone looking to join the Public Health Service, it will increase my ability to serve and give medical services to those in greater need even in times of country crisis such as after natral disasters. Another provision that effect my place of work is Nurse Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs ( NLRP) Section 5310 (p. 513) expands the Nurse Loan Repayment and Scholarship Programs (NLRP) to provide loan repayment for students who serve for at least two years as a faculty member at an accredited school of nursing.” This is something that is available to me while I work where I work. This will allow nurses where I work to become free from student loans while the organization can retain nurses for at least two years which helps with the nursing shortage.

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