Cognitive behavior Therapy vs Rational EmotiveBehaviour Therapy

Cognitive behavior Therapy vs Rational EmotiveBehaviour Therapy
May 6, 2022
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May 6, 2022

Cognitive behavior Therapy vs Rational EmotiveBehaviour Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychological therapy used in treating patients with depression and to incite happiness in the patient. The therapy approaches the problem by targeting at the solution to the problem more than going back to the causes. On the other hand, rational emotive behavioral therapy, majorly known as REBT, is also another psychotherapy used to solve problems concerning stress. This therapy uses the replacement of self-rejecting feelings in a depressed person with self-believe and confidence (Ellis, 2013). The therapy challenges the rationale of bad thoughts about self.

There are a number of similarities that both therapies share, these include: Both of the therapies employ psychoeducation in the treatment of stress, the therapies also teach the patient on how to employ therapeutic techniques in treating themselves (Szentagotai, David, Lupu, & Cosman, 2008). Another similarity between the two therapies is that emphasis is laid on the importance of cognitive psychological dysfunction and they all focus on changing the behavior of the patient through their various different approaches.

Differences in the therapies

Despite these similarities, the two therapies have variations which distinguish them. These differences include; Self- acceptance: the rational emotive behavior therapy focuses on the self-acceptance of the patient. It encourages the patient to accept themselves back and try to see the positive in them and stop blaming themselves about the past. The cognitive behavior therapy, on the other hand, is more concerned about the self-esteem of the patient (Szentagotai, David, Lupu, & Cosman, 2008).

The philosophy: the rational emotive behavior therapy earns more credit because it concerns in digging deeper into the philosophic causes of stress and try to encourage the patient to focus on the positive and wipe out the negative from their minds. Cognitive behavior therapy is attached more importance in the future of the patient rather than the cause of the problem. The therapy builds the self-esteem of the patient through encouragement and giving them the hope of a better future.

Solution approach: while the rational emotive behavior therapy approaches the problem from the past point of view and tries to educate the patient on the importance of viewing the positive side of the problem than focusing on the negative. The cognitive behavior therapy, on the other hand, approaches it from the current point of the situation and start tech the patient to attach value on themselves.

The recommended therapy

The cognitive behavior model is the best therapy to be recommended for a client. I will base my decision on various factors implying that this type of therapy is superior. The philosophical approach to the problem in this therapy is realistic since it considers the personality of the patient as the main source of the solution (Dobson, & Dozois, (Eds.), 2019). The therapy educates the patient on their own importance as compared to the issue which is a mere episode in their lives. The therapy also has more persuasive techniques that can be used to convince a patient to transform their thinking.


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