Classroom Management and Behavioral Intervention Plans

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December 20, 2020
December 20, 2020

Classroom Management and Behavioral Intervention Plans

Classroom Management and Behavioral Intervention Plans

Behavior Intervention Plan

Utilizing student information presented in the “Functional Behavior Assessment Example,” create a behavior intervention plan using the “Behavior Intervention Plan” template, considering the multiple influences on early development and learning.

Compose a 250‐word summary that outlines how you will communicate the developed Behavior Intervention Plan to general educators and other applicable colleagues. Summarize how this communication will help in creating a safe learning environment and promote meaningful learning activities and social interactions for the student.

Classroom Management Lesson Plan

Design a lesson plan, using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” for your kindergarten “Class Profile” students for one of the following classroom management plan aspects:

  • Classroom set up
  • Rules and consequences
  • Classroom procedures
  • Communication with families

Make sure the lesson is developmentally appropriate and uses motivational and instructional interventions applicable to all kindergarten “Class Profile” students. In addition, differentiate your lesson specifically for the student your Behavior Intervention Plan was written for. 

In 250‐words, compose a rationale to justify the instructional decisions made in your classroom management lesson plan. Explain how the lesson is developmentally appropriate, address the needs, and advances the learning of all “Class Profile” students.        

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