Real, Intellectual, and Personal Property
January 21, 2023
January 21, 2023


ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED IN APA FORMAT & WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN, ONE LINK IS LISTED BELOW. I WILL PROVIDE THE OTHER LINK, ONCE BID IS SELECTED & PAID. CLICK ON IT TO USE. DUE DATE IS MONDAY 09/21/20 @ 2PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.Assignment:Delineate the history of fingerprinting and reveal the three fundamental principles of fingerprints as characteristic of all fingerprints.The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is a software program to match other crime scene evidence of known convicted offenders. Outline how CODIS is used in law enforcement.Given the consequences of the September 11, 2001 attack, are there needs for new criminalistics technologies for massive tragedies? If so, outline the needs and provide suggestions. If not, why not?

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