using supply and demand
March 18, 2023
need help paper complexities u s financial system
March 18, 2023

business 106

prepare a three-page paper in apa style that describes, explains, addresses, and answers the following. many people shy away from careers in selling, often because they think they are not outgoing enough, or because salespeople are dishonest or pushy. in this weekly research paper, describe your most memorable experience with a salesperson that was positive and made you feel comfortable. then in the next section, describe an experience with a salesperson that was unpleasant and made you feel uncomfortable. in comparing the two experiences, answer the following questions. in reflecting on the positive experience, what one thing about the experience made you feel good about it? why? in reflecting on the unpleasant experience, what one thing about the experience made you feel uncomfortable about it? why? consider what you do for work on a day-to-day basis. given what you do, do you consider yourself to be some form or fashion of a salesperson? why? why not? include apa style in-text citations as well as a reference section.

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