250 words/ two scholarly sources due 3/25
January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023


Due 11:45 pm eastern timeYou accepted a position in the Dodge County Probation Depart- ment. You lack experience and you want to be effective in your new job. Your supervisor hands you a case- book and tells you to do the best you can. She says she is swamped with reports to write and court appearances and cannot spend much time with you. What should you do first, second, and third? During your first hours after set- tling into the job, six young men barge into your office. They are very belligerent. They want to know whether you are going to continue the racist actions of your prede- cessor, filing violations against members of their gang for wearing gang colors. What is the best way to respond to this confrontation? Some of the other officers decide to carry a weapon, which is optional in your office. What will you do? What would be the decisive factors in your decision making?In order to receive full credit (25 points) you must use the eText reading material and you must submit 3 well developed paragraphs.Chapter 4 and 11 Corrections Today the third edition

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