December 27, 2020
December 27, 2020


This app is a part of a project, with the purpose of adding more and more activities to it – making it more fleshed out as a calculator and not what it was when it had first been created.

Source calculator is here:…

However my group and I have already begun adding new activities. I have to add the “square root” activity – which I have no trouble doing, but my other coursework at the moment has taken priority.

I am asking for assistance with compiling new code to add a square root activity along with the square root button on the app – from the gradle build up.

The minimum SDK is 21 – but the requirements are set within the app. Currently the application works as intended, however buttons should not change drastically with the new activity.

I’ve worked on this app and it is not complex code, but it is not made for someone unfamiliar with Java or Android. Please be considerate and only bid on this if you have previous Android experience.

See the Dropbox link for the zip file for the updated app. (I’m Ben by the way). The zip file is just a little bit over the size limit for Studypool.…

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