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July 30, 2023
critical response at least 300 words 3
July 30, 2023

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“Agile Delivery Framework”

Please respond to the following:

  1. Explain why there is no such thing as a “best practice,” but rather there are only good practices for a given situation for an Agile project. Include three (3) examples to support your response.
  1. Reworking within an Agile delivery framework can be time consuming and very costly. Explain the methods you would use to prevent this from happening: Collaborate, Be lean, Iterate, Visualize.
  2. Please cite resources used


  1. Use an Internet search engine such as or to research a product of your interest. Make sure you are capable of writing a product vision statement for your intended product.
  2. Construct a product vision statement for the product you researched.
  3. Explain why it is important to have a product vision for the organization that is marketing this product.
  4. Explain the differences and similarities between a product vision and a project scope statement.
  5. In 500 words or more, provide a scenario of each being clearly used

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