summarize behavioral and psychological factors associated with disengaging from terrorism and describe what efforts or programs are most effective in countering radicalization and why.
January 25, 2023
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January 25, 2023

Advocacy letter

Write a 1 to 2 page business letter to advocate on a child advocacy related matter. The following steps are suggested for thinking through this assignment:Be sure to review the following article:Legislative & Social AdvocacyActionsIdentify an issue related to an area of child advocacy that you would like to see change.Think about the subject(s) (a child or children) and a specific problem facing them;Consider ONE practical step that you believe would prove effective in working towards resolving this problem.Describe this action precisely;Explain how and why it will help resolve the problem you have described;Consider the arguments against your suggestion and try to forestall them.Don’t forget that this is a short letter.Determine your target. In other words, who has the power to put into action the step that you are recommending? If your target is an organization, determine to which individual your letter should be addressed;Carefully consider the tone of your letter.You do not want to insult or alienate your target, Nor should you assume they are ignorant or unintelligent.However, if you have strong feelings about your topic, you want to find a way to express them that is not alienating.Your want your target to respond positively to your ideaWhat tactics and arguments will this particular target respond to?Be sure that your letter is in proper business letter format. Your first page should include a heading with the date and all identifying information for you and your target (including your target’s title). Your letter should be single spaced, double-spaced between each paragraph. Ideally, your letter will be no more than two pages. You may want to reference research or other sources, but your letter should not include citations.

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