Pregnancy-Related Mortality
May 10, 2022
Evidence-Based Assessments
May 10, 2022

68 Yo With Pneumonia

  1. Regarding antibiotic(s), what is your prescribed treatment plan (include specific dosage)? Why did you choose the specific antibiotic(s)? In your answer, please describe, briefly, the pharmacodynamics (1 point) and pharmacokinetics (1 point) of your treatment choice(s) and how they influenced your choice. Please describe how the patient comorbidities influenced your choice as well (1 point).  Are there any medical interactions to your choice (1 point)?
  2. Document the education you would provide for this patient, specific to the prescribed antibiotic(s). Please include information pertinent to the patient (2) and common potential adverse effects (2).

Co morbidities



Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


Nicotine dependence


Alcohol use

QT Prolongation

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