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March 18, 2023
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March 18, 2023

4 math questions 2

Four questions

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1. An item that sells for $145.99 has a sales tax of $10.22.

a. Find a mathematical model that gives the amount of sales tax y in terms of the retail price x.
b. Use the model to find the sales tax on a purchase that has a retail price x.
2. A manufacturer pays its assembly line workers $11.50 per hour. In addition, workers receive a piecework rate of $0.75 per unit produced. Write a linear equation for the hourly wages W in terms of the number of units X produced per hour.
3. A salesperson receives a monthly salary of $2500 plus a commission of 7% of sales. Write a linear equation for the salesperson’s monthly wage W in terms of the person’s monthly sales S.

The cost of implementing an invasive species management system is related to the area of the forest. It costs $630 to implement the system in a forest area of 10 acres. It costs $1070 in a forest area of 18 acres.

a. Write a linear equation giving the cost of the invasive species management system in terms of the number of acres X of forest
b. Use the equation in part (a) to find the cost of implementing the system in a forest area of 30 acres.

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